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The Perfectionist

Your Next Digital Marketing Agency!
The Perfectionist is the leading digital marketing agency in Gurgaon focusing on solutions aimed at positioning your brand in the digital space. At The Perfectionist, we strongly believe in the fact that concepts and designs travel beyond the computer screen. To transform brands, we bring on board a visual clarity of thinking and courage to incorporate bold ideas.



We think, brainstorm, and organize the activities required to achieve the desired goal.
We have a set of rules that we believe and follow wholeheartedly



We go through a series of actions to accomplish the results.
We deliver what we promise.


We believe in providing an unsurpassable degree of accuracy and excellence. People had so much confidence in The Perfectionist and its principles that they wanted to invest in the company at its early stage
Our planning compels us to define clearly and concretely what we need to do to have the desired impact on the audience.
Our main guides for efficient and effective forming and executing.
Following the principles, we initiate our task. The team generates synergy to achieve the goal.
Our never-ending attempts to be precise on each work to provide the greatest version.
Our four pillars come together to form the fifth pillar. Perfection.

The Founder

A force to be reckoned with!

Ms. Monika Upneja

Having worked with diverse organizations and brands, Ms. Monika Upneja has immense experience in the field of digital marketing and branding. Ambitious and driven by the zeal to make a difference, she has helped innumerable clients to achieve their business goals Well-versed in marketing and branding strategy,

Ms. Monika takes pride in being able to guide various business ventures through a realistic and industrious approach

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Century Pulp and Paper, BIRLACare, FNP Media, Last Journey, Coniferous, Pankh, Minar, Meira Global Foundation, Miraya Greens, The Retreat Cafe, Exxperientia, Exxcubate, Indian Oil, Tribes India, Dreamfolks, Extramarks, IMT Ghaziabad, Ansal University, Vaango, Mere Funds, Sonalika Tractor, Harish Bakery, The University of Queensland, Totalika, Peace Within, Jaquar Lightening, Jwala Gutta’s Global Academy of Badminton, Chisel, Body Building India, Blau- Khazana Group, ISC FICCI, Gulraj Shahpuri


Education, Sports, Entertainment, Furniture, Consultancy,
Hospitality, Food, etc