How To Get More Views On Instagram Reels: A Beginner’s Guide for 2022

Key Takeaways

  • How to get more views on Instagram reels?
  • How to get more likes on reels?
  • How to get more views on reels after posting?
  • How to get more likes on Instagram reels?
  • Instagram reels view hack
  • Impact of caption for reels on Instagram.
  • How to get more views on reels?


Whenever you start to upload your own created content with the expectation of gaining more and more views, you end up getting upset due to the two-digit view count. Then the question arises “How to get more views on Instagram reels?” We are here to guide you through the online obstacles.


Steps to gain more views on reels:


To Get More Views on Instagram Reels, Create Valuable Content

  • Post Reels Consistently

The creators who routinely publish on Instagram are pushed by the way that Instagram has an established algorithm. Instagram promotes and advances those producers in this way who often provide for their audience. By doing this, the producers are inspired to post more frequently and tirelessly for their followers.

  • Use Popular Sound Tracks & Other Reels Tools

Utilizing well-known soundtracks can help reels get more exposure. People continue to watch the full content after coming in to hear the music. This is how to get more likes on reels. Your post can get an organic boost by using other tools to make your material more visually appealing, such as an editor, themes, hashtag generators, etc.

  • Write an Engaging Caption to Get More Views on Instagram Reels

Your post can be made clearer and more informative by adding a thoughtful caption. Some use of words can significantly boost reader engagement, which keeps them on the page longer. This is the power of caption for reels on Instagram.

  • Add Relevant Hashtags to Get More Views on Instagram Reels

This can be considered an Instagram reel views hack. The number of views for your content might significantly change depending on the hashtags you choose. It takes real skill to use hashtags. Only using popular hashtags results in fewer views for content creators because there are already a lot of posts using such hashtags. Your content will therefore be lost in the noise. Therefore, the ideal strategy is to use high, mid, and low volume keywords in equal amounts to maximize their potential.

  • Create a Custom Thumbnail for Your Reels

If a custom thumbnail is made consistently and follows the same color scheme, it might offer your Instagram profile a brand image. This makes it easier for your followers to relate to your material, and because they have already viewed some of your other content with a similar thumbnail, they are more likely to stick around and watch when they see your thumbnail.

  • Use Sizzling Sounds

Sounds that are sizzling or snappy give your material a playful edge. It transforms into condensed and concise material for your audience. We live at a time where our attention spans are growing shorter and shorter, making these posts very digestible. This is how to get more views on instagram reels after posting.

  • Trends with a Twist

Trends need to be given a twist. When a trend is followed for a long time, it may eventually lose its novelty and become uninteresting to viewers. In order to increase views and likes, a trend must be changed.


These 7 ways are very effective and if implemented correctly then the organic reach will be skyrocketed. If you had this question “How to get more views on Instagram reels?” Now it is well answered.


Why is my reel not getting views?

Don’t expect to post one Reel and reach hundreds of thousands of people. Quite the opposite, the more you post, the higher your reach and engagement growth over time. For starters, you can try posting one Reel every week, gradually increasing the number.


What is the best time to post reels?

Reels may generate up to 300 percent more interaction on Instagram than standard Instagram videos, according to data. Hootsuite claims that for more over two years, they have been posting Reels to our 170k-follower Instagram audience. They have discovered that Monday through Thursday, between the hours of 9 AM and 12 PM, is the optimum period to publish reels.


Can I earn from Instagram reels?

Once you enter the reels play bonus program, you can earn from Instagram reels based on the number of plays and engagements that your reels receive within 30 days.

Should I hashtag reels?

Yes. While producing the post, you should include hashtags to the description section of your Instagram reel. Additionally, you may return to an Instagram clip and update the text to afterwards include hashtags.

How does the reel algorithm work?

The algorithm takes into account the Reels a user has previously interacted with and if they have ever interacted directly with the content creator. This implies that reacting to comments, direct messages, and tags can help your content appear more frequently in users’ feeds.

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