How to Get More Views on YouTube Shorts?

Key Takeaways

  • Why Thumbnail is important in YouTube Shorts?
  • Uses of Tags and keywords.
  • Impact of a crisp title on shorts.
  • How do texts, music, and sound make a difference?
  • How does the hashtags game matter?

YouTube is a large platform for both creators and viewers. Previously, YouTubers could only create long-form material, but that restriction has been lifted with the introduction of YouTube shorts. Content makers may now post small format content that is simple to create and consume. Now, the question arises “How to get more views on YouTube shorts?

The Answer

  1. Create Custom Thumbnails for Your Shorts

Shorts are available on YouTube as normal videos. They are available on a standard watch page, complete with comments and adverts. Before watching a Short, someone will see a thumbnail. If you don’t customize it, YouTube will display a random video frame with shoddy visuals. Therefore, more authors provide original thumbnails for Shorts. Thumbnails provide a brand image to your shorts and people interact more when they see them. In such a way, you can create YouTube shorts that are more engageable.

  1. Research video tags and keywords

Your YouTube shorts will get more views and be more discoverable if you use video tags and keywords. They use the search algorithms of Google and YouTube to determine the category of your video. Do some research before publishing your YouTube videos to ensure a wider audience and more views, comments, likes, and subscriptions. For your YouTube videos, there are a ton of tools available on the market for researching keywords and video tags. You must include the proper tags and keywords in your video description after locating them. As your video title rises in the search results, more people will see it and watch it, increasing your YouTube views. This can be a YouTube shorts viral hack.

  1. Write a proper YouTube shorts title

Some best practices for creating strong headlines for YouTube videos to gain more views include incorporating all of the material in your video, but the best titles are brief and to the point. The title contributes to raising the position of videos in search results. As titles explain to viewers how they will benefit from spending the time to see the information, make sure your YouTube videos have appealing names. If you have an appealing title then you don’t need any best time to upload YouTube Shorts.

  1. Add texts, music, and sound to your YouTube shorts

Your YouTube videos may have text, music, and sound added to them to make them more compelling and draw viewers as the duration of YouTube shorts is only 60 seconds. Here are a few examples of text, music, and sound uses:

  1. Boring videos may become exciting by adding current music.
  2. You may personalize your video and spread some thoughts to all of the viewers by adding text to YouTube videos and for such editing, it is better to upload YouTube shorts from the desktop.


  1. Adding sound appropriately to increase viewership for the right YouTube short song words, noises, and music may transform an ordinary video into a viral success. That’s how to make YouTube shorts viral.
  1. Use the right hashtag

While incorporating hashtags, creators make blunders. The majority of new makers use the most well-liked hashtags, which makes it difficult for them to stand out. As a result, utilizing hashtags is strategic. All hashtags, including all high, mid, and low volumes, should be used. The content creator has the most success with this strategy. To locate the appropriate hashtags for your content, you may utilize any hashtag checker website, such as Google Trends. 


These five key steps serve as the foundation for your fantastic YouTube short clip. If you carefully follow them, you can create YouTube shorts that consistently receive millions of views. And that’s how to get more views on YouTube shorts.



What qualifies as a YouTube short?

Your video must be vertical (9:16 aspect ratio) and no more than one minute in duration to be considered a YouTube Short.


Do YouTube Shorts make money?

Channels that qualify may receive $100 to $10,000 each month. Depending on where a creator’s audience is located, bonuses are modified. As a result, different creators may require different levels of interaction and watch to qualify.

How much does YouTube Shorts pay per 1000 views?

YouTubers often make between $1 and $10 for every 1,000 views or between $0.01-0.10 per viewer.


Is Canva good for YouTube?

Designing videos with Canva is as simple as designing anything else. Existing designs may be altered by altering the text, colors, and layouts as well as by including unique touches.


What is the best time to post shorts on YouTube in India?

Check when you are receiving more views and responses after attempting to upload at various times. But from Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9 and 10 am, is the optimal time to post a YouTube video in India, and between 7pm to 8pm on weekend days.

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