The need of Content Marketing

The rise of digital marketing has been an obvious blessing to marketers and brands alike. It’s also resulted in a slow demise of traditional marketing, as a rite of passage. Since traditional marketing is taking a backseat, we have an alternative, a better one. Cue, Content Marketing! 

Content marketing is a solution-oriented approach, focused on resolving issues rather than pitching and selling your products or services. Creating and distributing content that adds value, talks to your audience, and helps retain their interest is content marketing at its core.The delivery of content matters, it should feel organic, because disruptive content is distractive content.

The difference between content marketing and simply content is the word “valuable”.Content needs to be meaningful and relatable to take the leap of marketing. Otherwise, it is just another sales script. A look at this blog below will help you understand what Content means when it’s not meant to sell.


Our audience is being bombarded with information all the time. As a result, the value of meaningful content has gone up. That is also why content marketing is so important and popular. Publishing educational content, solutions to make their lives easier, product guides, and such are key content areas for a brand to capture. The goal of these content buckets is to communicate your expertise. As a brand, you must have a commendable hold over your subject. Meaningful content is an excellent way to express that you know your business. After all, we strive to create value. A business that just meets your needs is replaceable, but not a brand that provides value.

Here are the most common touch points you need to be focusing on. 


Social Media Content 

Most people and your potential customers first look you up on social media. There is a reason behind it of course. Brands today, no matter their size, have a social media presence. Now this presence can either be via informational content, shareable content, educational content, or a mix of all. The most important reason for this presence is to build credibility and trust. Valuable content is your golden ticket to credibility. 



Your business website is non-negotiable. A brand needs to have a solid web presence, and via that presence, they build a desirable image. Now, a website is an introductory space for your brand. Think of it as a conversation between yourself and a potential client. When you first meet them, you tell them about yourself, AKA the about page. You tell them what you offer, or your services section. You may also tell them about your team, but what stays with them is your keenness and knowledge. This is done digitally by your blog section; A playground for you to communicate your expertise, and a value addition opportunity. How does your content add value to your client and customers’ lives? One way to answer this is; to think of yourself as the customer, or client. 



Fiction, mystery, fantasy, yes we know. All the common genres of books, and Ebooks. But educational Ebooks are your ladder to the top. Readers can enjoy them on the go, and learn something meaningful about products, services, or specific industries. All this while, they will be associating the valuable content directly with your brand. What difference does it make, you ask? A LOT! Educational content that makes their life better, comes from YOUR brand. It can either lead to a conversion and if that’s not your ultimate goal, it will help you strengthen your community.


Paid advertising

Listen, your customers are looking for you. You can choose to believe it, or not, but it’s a fact. Paid advertising makes the lives of both parties easier. Your customers when looking for a similar product or business as yours will find you, and you too will have better and more meaningful leads. This lead generation, however, requires interesting, short, and valuable content. This is a crisp conversation between you and your potential customer. This is also an exception with content marketing where your end goal is to sell. Make it count!


A word before you close the window!

It is okay to start small. Your content is in focus, not the numbers. Figures can be disheartening at first, but don’t let the lack 0f quick success demotivate you. Consistency is key, and valuable content is in demand, no matter its initial performance. Find a segment, ease into it, and polish it with perfection. Content can be a profit center, a community-building factor, or a way to communicate your expertise. Make it work for you!


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