Newest features by Instagram this week.

Christmas came early for Instagram users this year! 

Instagram regularly rolls out a set of new features to stay relevant in the industry. Since the social media universe is getting crowded by the minute, and now with the presence of BeReal prevalent, Instagram is set out to present many other features besides notes on its app.

The Meta-owned platform is making life easier for its users every day with swift features. Keep an eye out for other new features in store by Instagram this week. Some are already available to the users, while others may keep rolling out gradually.

  1. Creating notes on Instagram, will you join?

Notes, convenience at your DMs! One of the brand-new features is called Notes. You must notice a widget at the top of your DMs. You can read notes left by other people and send out yours too. Think of it as a communal refrigerator where people leave notes for other people to read; just as you’d inform a friend you’re leaving for a party and will be back by 11. Similarly, you can leave a note here for your followers to read. “Nimisha’s housewarming party at 3, is anyone up to carpooling with me?” They can write you back asking for a ride. Convenient, isn’t it? Now you don’t need to text everyone separately to ask for their views. It’s certainly an intimate, fun way to share your thoughts with friends. 

  1. Candid Stories 

It is an innovative way to share what you are doing at the moment. You can post a *candid* photo of the moment in a story, but your friends will only see it if they post a candid story too. We are excited about this one! Capture what you’re doing, let it be unfiltered, and enjoy taking in your friends’ candid instances too.

  1. Collaborative Collections

Scrolling Instagram is probably everyone’s favorite part of the day. They heard us, and now we can share our favorite post collections with our friends directly. Drum roll for collaborative collections. We save our most loved posts in a collection, so we can revisit them for inspiration. Now you can do that with your friend. Create collections together, add, edit or omit posts to modify the collection. Honestly, the potential and the idea are already growing on us!

  1. Group Profiles

It might happen that you share a story and later feel that it was a bit too personal to be shared with all of your followers. Well, guess what? Instagram understands the value of chosen privacy, because they are presenting a feature called group profiles. A new profile that allows you to post and share stories with a few selected people. When you share content in a group profile, it is only visible to the exclusive members. So, post whatever!

Instagram is doing a fantastic job as Santa this year. We’re pretty excited to see how these features do in the upcoming year. We will be making use of them because everything is better with your friends. As much as we already love these features, it looks Meta will keep surprising us throughout the year.


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